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Welcome to The Three Horseshoes Inn

The Three Horseshoes is a 400 year old country pub nestled in the beautiful Somerset village of Batcombe near Bruton, with easy access to Frome, Shepton Mallet, The Royal Bath and West Showground, the historic cathedral city of Wells and only forty minutes from Bath and Bristol. We have a spacious bar with an inglenook fireplace and beamed ceiling, a stunning dining room with a vaulted ceiling and a wonderful, lush lawned garden overlooked by the Church tower. Open to all we welcome drinkers, foodies, walkers, children and dogs. With children of our own we aim to make The Three Horseshoes Inn family friendly with colouring books and games, to keep them entertained, whilst you have a relaxing time sampling the many delights that the pub has to offer. Whether it be a quick pint and a pork pie in the bar, three course dinner in our stunning dining room, or even stay the night in one of our en-suite letting rooms you can be sure of a friendly welcome.

Telegraph Review – A guide to the best British pubs – Pint to Pint 2nd February 2013


Attentive service and knowledgeable staff will ensure you have the best possible time, regardless of how long you stay.